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We unlock value from medical data to make informed decisions about patient’s health, giving medical professional the powerful support with a single share point, most comprehensive version of a decentralized electronic health record to benefit every organization in the global medical network.

Cyberattacks, disintegrated, scattered patient medical record are the main reason for inefficient and inaccurate processes of the healthcare system and expose vulnerabilities.

We investigate core processes to capture crucial data, analyse the data itself and acquire an in-depth understanding of key medical objectives. Our expert will create and launch your individual solution to securely manage patients health records in a collaborative, fast and smart healthcare network.

Easily detect foreign drugs and prescriptions, track patients’ medical histories across institutions, and eliminate data blocking with solutions for healthcare from IVDY.


  • Blockchain Development
  • ​DApp Development
  • Blockchain Consulting
  • ​​Blockchain Training
  • ​​Smart contracts
  • ​​Robotic Process Automation (RPA) 
  • ​​Data Science
  • ​​Business Intelligence
  • ​Process Analysis We uncover potential for innovative, digital approaches 
  • ​​Digital strategy We work with you to develop a sustainable digital strategy 
  • ​Digital transformation We support you before, during and after every phase of digitization
  • Advice We are available to advise you as a competent partner with many years of experience
  • ​​Implementierung Unsere Agentur bietet die Realisierung konkreter Digitalprojekte an. (Electronic Health Records, Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Robotic Process Automation, Data Science...)
  • ​​Schulungen Schulungen führen wir wahlweise vor Ort bei Ihnen, bei uns oder Remote durch
  • ​​Workshops Im Rahmen von Workshops durchleuchten wir Ihren Status Quo und leiten daraus konkrete Optimierungspotenziale ab
  • ​​Neue Technologien Wir zeigen Ihnen wie Sie mit neuen Technologien von der Digitalisierung profitieren können

Value Creation Guidelines

  • Integration of Electronic Health Records of Patients 
  • ​Drug Supply Chain Monitoring 
  • ​Patient Record Access and Control 
  • ​Claims and Payments Management 
  • ​Medical IoT Security 
  • ​Research Data Verification and Exchange 


Pharmaceutical and Research Companies

You no longer need to approach hospitals or clinics for information. Through Medicalchain you can access a database of patients who have opted in to being contacted by researchers. The information you receive is up to date, accurate and streamlined to your specific enquiries. Following up patients is simplified with a dynamic health record that stays with the patient.

Patients at the center 

Patients have the ability to grant access to their electronic health records (EHR) to other users and revoke access by setting up a time limited gateway, thereby improving their experience and guaranteeing data security.

Medical Insurance 

Cut out the middle-man and receive prompt, validated health information directly from patients allowing you to access their accurate and up to date record in more cost and time effective manor.

Developers and Monetising Health Records 

Get in touch with us to find out more about the monetary value that health data holds. We’re at the cutting edge of health technology and we’re excited to work with other trailblazers and early adopters who will help us to shape the future of digital healthcare.
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